Sep. 1st, 2014 09:49 pm
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Hey let's do a meme, wouldn't that be fun! As seen on tumblr!

Leave a comment with one of these and I'll post, without editing*:

FIRST — the first two sentences of my current project
LAST — the most recently written two sentences of my current project
NEXT — the next line. meaning i will finish the sentence I’m on and write a new one, which you’ll get.
[insert prompt here] — you post a prompt, and i’ll write three sentences based on that prompt, set in the same time/setting as my current project
THE END — i’ll make up an ending, or post the ending if i’ve written it
BEFORE THE BEGINNING — three sentences (or more) about something that happened before the plot of my current project
POV — something that’s already happened, retold from another character’s perspective

*okay, I might have to edit some names out of an exchange fic, but that's about it.

Hit me up!

AO3 Meme

Apr. 25th, 2012 07:24 pm
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So, I wasn't going to do that AO3 meme where people post their stories with their hit counts, because I saw what some people were posting, and I was like, "omg their hit counts are SO HIGH" and I felt all inadequate and ridiculous posting anything with hit counts because people would laugh because mine are so low.

Then I remembered that I write in a small fandom, and even in a small fandom, I'm not the most popular or prolific writer, and that most people reading this journal probably wouldn't even pay attention anyway, so I got over myself. :D

And once I looked, I thought it was kind of interesting, so here we go... )


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