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So there's this movie? Called Pompeii? Something to do with a volcano erupting?

I think really the main thing to know about this movie is that it has this:

[personal profile] bedlamsbard has seen this movie (PURELY FOR THE PLOT, I AM SURE), and I was half-convinced these were prosthetic abs*. So, of course, we discussed:

bedlamsbard: ahahahahahahaha his abs are just so shiny. And at one point he breaks a horse's neck with his bare hands.
snacky: I don't know if can actually see this movie because of the abs, I swear to god. I would be so distracted. AND OF COURSE HE DOES.
snacky: I saw the ads and were convinced they were prosthetic abs. "but i've seen him shirtless before and and and ... guh."
bedlamsbard: even the female characters are like, damn, girl, did you see his arms? I did not. I was blinded by his abs.
snacky: those abs look like they should come with a warning, let's be real!
bedlamsbard: they're just so shiny. And I don't even find Kit Harington that attractive in the face, just, you know, ABS.
snacky: i admit i do like his face but holy crap the ABS are basically hypnotic
bedlamsbard: his arms are pretty great too.
bedlamsbard: there's also a scene where he's strung up half-naked and whipped because why the hell not, you know?
snacky: exactly, if you have his abs glistening like that, it would be a waste not to!
bedlamsbard: he's also in chains a lot because he's a slave. It's pretty great. Uh. I mean.
snacky: which I was interested in because uh, Pompeii yes.
bedlamsbard: ALSO THERE'S A VOLCANO AND A TSUNAMI WAVE. And a bad Roman senator, because of course. And dead bodies hung from trees, obvs.
bedlamsbard: There's a giant fight scene where he's chained up the entire time, she says dreamily. (I really liked the fighting.)
snacky: this is perhaps the greatest conversation of my day.

So. Anyone want to see Pompeii with me?

*Shades of the rubber back, Thorn Birds friends!
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Earlier I was talking with [profile] comice, and in between depressing topics, we got around to talking about the festivities for 100th Anniversary of Fenway Park. As you do.

[personal profile] snacky: Is Roger Clemens coming?
[profile] comice: Oh, of course!
[personal profile] snacky: But Roger Clemens? With everything he's got going on?
[profile] comice: He has no shame.
[personal profile] snacky: Oh that is true.
[profile] comice: Anyway, everyone is coming! They're even bringing the frozen head of Ted Williams!
[personal profile] snacky: They're going to roll it across the infield! WAIT! I KNOW! They'll use the head of Ted Williams for throwing out the first pitch!
[profile] comice: Oh my god.
[personal profile] snacky: He won't mind! Ted always loved the game best!
[profile] comice: Good ol' Teddy Ballgame.
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My last two texts from [personal profile] musesfool were about two different books that I read first and she was currently reading.

Text from the other day: "Holy crap she killed ------!"

Text from 20 minutes ago: "Holy shit she killed -----!"

I am amused by this pattern.
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So last night, [personal profile] musesfool and I were discussing Yuletide's most recent wank, as you do.

And we came to the conclusion that based on this wank, Yuletide needs... )


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