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I've been listening and re-listening to a lot of Beastie Boys lately, and out of all the songs, this is the one I listen to the most. And I keep watching the video too - it's so very Beasties, and god, it takes me back to the summer of '89, working at the radio station and playing the CD over and over, all the DJs dancing in the studio. And just like everything from Paul's Boutique, I think both the song and the video really stand the test of time - there's a kitten on a turntable in the video! It set the standards for the internet! :D

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So sad to hear about Whitney Houston. In the 80s, she was that artist that EVERYONE listened to - I used to work at my college radio station, and even the heaviest metalheads and the most hardcore punks - they all loved Whitney and would stop and listen when her songs came on.

"I Will Always Love You," while so overplayed that it cannot legally be played ever again in some countries, was her finest moment, but I always loved "Didn't We Almost Have It All" the best.

That outfit, omg. I remember pegging my jeans and pulling on my bomber jacket and scarf, just like Whitney, and feeling all stylin' when I went out.

I hope she's finally found peace.
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Kristen Bell's encounter with a sloth:

Just so you know, if I ever get near an elephant, this is what's going to happen to me. Have your cameras ready.
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This is how I can tell I'm PMSing: every other song iTunes is pulling up reduces me to tears.

As I said to [personal profile] musesfool: "I think by this point in my life I am pretty inured to 'In My Life' but NO." And then "Under Pressure" came on, and I was reaching for the tissues.

However, my crying over "Under Pressure" led me to YouTube for the live David Bowie/Annie Lennox version:

I think that's my favorite live performance, ever. In the top two, at the very least.

And then I found a video of them rehearsing the song with Queen for the concert, hilariously notable for two things: 1) Bowie smoking all through the song and 2) George Michael watching them, singing along like a big fanboy:

That may be the fondest I've felt about George Michael in years.


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