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I made my way outside to shovel. The hope was that I could clean out the parking lot entrance so we could move our cars.

It was a fool's hope... )

So now we just wait for a plow to come to clean out the school parking lot, so we can move our cars. The driving ban is still in effect until this afternoon, so it's not like we're going anywhere.
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Evidently we're getting a snowpocalypse this weekend. It's supposed to start snowing Friday morning. People are already planning not to come to work.

My boss said to me, "But you'll be here! You always come in on days it snows!"

And this is true, I do. But it's usually a light snow, or the snow has stopped and I just have to dig out and drive in.

I said, "Oh, I'll probably be here in the morning, but when it starts to snow, I'm leaving."

My boss was surprised. "But you're always here in the snow! You're a hearty New Englander!"

(She is from the Midwest. I thought they were hearty folk too, but evidently they have nothing on New Englanders.)

And I replied, "Sure, but I'm not an idiot and I don't drive in blizzards."

She has decided we're closing the office early, if the blizzard comes true.


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