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Have you started watching yet?

Because, just in case you missed it the last time, KILT! THIGHS! KNEES!

Very powerful thighs at that.

Jumping in a kilt! Who knew how great that would look?

I think he was trying to flash the goods in this one.

Are you ready to watch yet?

Yes, we know, Jamie.


Had the spinal injections today! Seems to have gone fairly well, but I'm awfully sore. Although that's the needles, I think.
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Seriously. Outlander. You should be watching.

Do you like a man in a kilt?

Do you, like me, live vicariously through, and tremendously envy, women with long necks?

How about snuggling in the rain with hotass strangers you just met?

Jamie no.

What. She's just checking his wound.

Claire doesn't want to hear any of your bitching.


Please take a look at Jamie's knees and thighs.

An eyefuck so powerful, she just got pregnant.

That's it, that's the show.

What are you waiting for? Go watch! NOW!

I know, Jamie. Je suis SO VERY prest!
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Are any of you watching Outlander? New favorite show! I spend my time yelling at the teevee when it's on though. "I HAVE SUCH NECK ENVY" when I see Claire; "JUST SMUSH FACES ALREADY" whenever Claire and Jamie eyefuck each other; and "JE SUIS SO VERY PREST!" every time I see Jamie's face (and knees. and thighs).

The only problem with this show is the theme song. It's great, don't get me wrong! But it is the stickiest earworm EVER. I have been walking around singing, "Sing me a song of a lass that is gone..." for the past three weeks. :(

It will never end.
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I literally couldn’t even be on tumblr. I’m like JUST now getting on at fucking 5am I literally cried, sobbed, talked to my friend, drank, had people over and drank, cried some more like talked to Shayla on the phone for an hour, distracted myself for hours avoiding facing the reality of this shit. I literally don’t know what to do. How to move forward. I was so unprepared for this. Ugh. It makes me sick to think about it.

Sometimes I think some Supernatural fans are overinvested. Or need a stay in a lockdown ward. You know, whichever.

Then I remember how sometimes I think about how Dexter ended and the rage bubbles up again and I go all SNACKY SMASH on ridiculous hurricane lumberjacks. And I tell myself people who live in glass houses should not throw stones.
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I think the writers of Dexter have been smoking some serious crack since season six, and they actually believe the bullshit they spout about this show. I have three words for them:


whose character they have completely trashed in the last two seasons in the pursuit of making her serial killer brother an actual hero. I should have quit after last season but I had a vain hope that Deb would be redeemed.

But let's be real, I could have written a better final season than those crack-smoking monkey-writers have. The pacing is ridiculous, stuff happens that no one watching actually cares about, some of this season's plots should have had seeds planted YEARS ago to be bearing fruit now, and characters have been basically tossing the Idiot Ball to each other all season and hoping that the audience will pick it up. I mean, if you're a wanted serial killer (one of three currently on the show!) and your face is being plastered all over every news outlet, wouldn't you, say, dye your hair? Or at least put on a hat and sunglasses before leaving the house? Make SOME attempt at a disguise? Sadly, these questions apply to two of the three "extremely dangerous and clever" serial killers at the moment.

I've seen the Reddit spoilers about the final ep. I know some people think they're fake because they're so fucking ridic, but seeing how this season has gone so far, I wouldn't be surprised that every single one of them is true. I said to [personal profile] timesink on Twitter that I was hoping for a Red Wedding to end the show, but I don't think we'll get that lucky.

Ray Donovan:

Yeah, I've continued watching this after Dexter, bad accents and all. This is one weird show, I have to say. This last ep was actually good, since it focused on what seems to be the show's strength - the Donovan family and their twisted melodrama. The three actors playing Ray, Terry, and Bunchy were fantastic last night. Jon Voight's on a show of his own, pretty much. And the Dexter characters toss the Idiot Ball over every week to Abby, who takes it and runs screeching with it. Please someone tell her she doesn't have to do the Boston accent anymore. PLEASE.

Breaking Bad:

I don't watch this show, but after last night's Dexter, I wish I did.
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Let me just talk about Revenge for a moment.

Spoilers back here... )
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By way of [personal profile] anatsuno on Twitter, Nolan Ross in 60 seconds:

Nolan, so my favorite.

Why is there not more Emily/Nolan shippy BFF fic, where they are taking over the world? Or fic where Emily is domming the hell out of Nolan? My kinks, let me show you them.
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Today in chatlogs:

John: Hina's watching veronica mars. Just clued in that everyone in that town is evil except veronica and her dad and wallace
Snacky: man, I was thinking i wanted to do a VM rewatch
John: I remember that realization.
Snacky: it was so good, that first season
John: it WAS
Snacky: I even liked the second season
Snacky: but by the third, I wanted to take out a pre-emptive restraining order on Rob Thomas
John: christ rob thomas.


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