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Merry-day-after-Christmas! I had a very busy Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, what with working and family celebrations and visiting friends and skipping midnight mass for more celebrating and opening gifts and staying up way past my bedtime and eating delicious food.

OMG so much delicious food. I was packing my lunch for work this morning and I was like, "ugh, I don't even want to think about eating ever again." So I took a Lean Cuisine, which is like, problem solved.

I got many lovely presents, including some Lush products I had been coveting, a new nightgown, and a new blanket under which to snuggle when I am watching TV. Thus, I was rather indignant that I was working today, and not taking a long bath, followed by a pajama day while I watched a LOTR marathon.

To add insult to injury, work was completely dead today. I think my phone rang three times, and twice it was staff members asking if we were going to be closed during the storm tomorrow. Listen, we closed during the hurricane because it was a state of emergency. We don't close for a 4 inches of snow. (But if we did, I'd stay home under my blanket! :D)


So! Yuletide! I got the best present! It was for a tiny book fandom that I have requested every year I've done Yuletide, and this year, I finally got the story I've always wanted:

Delivery for a Dancer (6576 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Melendy Quartet - Elizabeth Enright
Rating: General Audiences
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Randy Melendy, Rush Melendy, Mona Melendy, Oliver Melendy, Mark Herron

Randy Melendy has always danced, and plans to be a dancer when she grows up. Or maybe an artist. Or both. But when she discovers a real-live ballet dancer is living in the area, she's willing to do just about anything for a chance to meet her.

It is just so wonderful and amazing and exactly what I wanted! I've read it three times already and every time I just get happier!

And this year I wrote two stories. One was my assignment, and one was a pinch-hit. When I was doing my sign-up, I was browsing the DYW letters, and I saw both of these fandoms requested, and I was inspired, so I offered them, in the hopes of getting either of the prompts.

So I was assigned one, and then I caught the other off the pinch-hitter list. So I got to write BOTH of the stories I wanted! \o/

And if you can guess which my fics are mine, I will write you a ficlet.

1. One is over 3000 words; one is over 5000.
2. They are both in fandoms I have never written before.
3. One is a teeny-tiny fandom; the other is more well-known.

You can guess in the comments; if you guess correctly, I will write you ficlets when the reveals go live. Certain people are disqualified from guessing, you know who you are. :D

Now I need to go back to reading more stories. EEEE YULETIDE!
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I missed my favorite Christmas special, "Mice In the Clock"* this year. Don't worry, though! Youtube to the rescue:

You're welcome.

*Yes, I know it's not called that. But try calling it the real name and no one knows what you're talking about.
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Merry Christmas to everyone celebrating!


I got a Pandora bracelet and new pillows under the tree! And for Yuletide, I got a delightful Peter/Caspian fic! Sweet, sexy, funny, it's all that I could ask for. Thank you, Yuletide Santa!


Last night we had Christmas Eve at my brother's house, which was fun! Lots of food and family and three incredibly cute toddlers doing insanely cute things.

My mother, aunt and I left to go to Midnight Mass, which was not so fun. I feel terribly uncharitable calling people in church "assholes." But seriously, when you a) family of five adult women, bring your twin toddlers, both of whom spent the entire Mass wailing, "GO BYE-BYE!" and none of you think maybe they should be in bed; and b) wear a tank top and hot pants (IDEK, who even wears hot pants? In DECEMBER IN NEW ENGLAND?) and spend the Mass complaining loudly about how "fucking cold" it is, then yes, I feel justified in thinking you're assholes. Thanks for sitting in front of me, btw.

The music was great so that made up for it. Also, a funny typo in the lyrics for "Silent Night" put the song in a whole new light: "Round young Virgin..." My mother: "Now I expect 'succulent' to be in there too."

After Mass, we went back to my brother's house, where we all opened presents and laughed and had a great end of the night.

This morning I was woken up by my cat, meowing indignantly at me and scratching at my bureau drawer, where I had hidden a toy I bought for her for Christmas. It wasn't even catnip, so I have no idea how she knew where it was.

Now I must get ready to go to my grandparents' house for Christmas dinner. Two of my cousins reported in this morning with stomach flu. One of them lives here and my grandmother sees him all the time, so no big deal, but the other lives in California, and this was going to be the first time my grandmother saw him since his wedding two years ago. SHE IS GOING TO BE PISSED.

Unfortunately, there is no alcohol served at this family gathering, so I must remain sober the whole time.

I will report back later with any hysterics.


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