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Guys. Guys. So many things I haven't told you. I got a delightful new job, started going to boot camp, AND last night I joined a gym (separate from the boot camp).

Beneath, find the State of the Snack! )
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So tomorrow I go for steroidal spinal injections. Finally. If all goes well, they should help ease the pain from the pinched nerve, and increase my mobility. If it doesn't go well, then... my only other option is surgery. So cross fingers for all going well! :D
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1) I have no idea what's going on with Livejournal, but it's become next to impossible for me to use at work. Strangely, this is not any of work's doing. There seems to be some problem with Firefox and LJ not playing nice with each other. I can't comment on entries, nor can I read long comment threads (can't expand). I've followed LJ's suggestions, but none of them work. Basically, I'll have to use another browser just to read LJ. SIGH. LJ, I want to keep using you, but you make it so hard. ETA: If you comment on this entry on LJ, I can't reply, it won't let me. :(

2) If you follow me on the Facebook, you will have seen this already, but if not, here's Snacky health news: I am having an MRI today to determine a diagnosis for my back and leg pain. The x-rays already showed arthritis (severe facet arthopathy was the term used), so the MRI is to figure out why I have terrible nerve pain and numbness in my legs (spinal stenosis is a suspect).

So I have to lie flat and unmoving on my back for 35 minutes for the MRI. Aaaaaand due to the pain, that's one thing I have a lot of trouble doing. I've been practicing for a week, can only make it to 12 minutes without moving. So my wonderful doctor has given my a combo of sedatives and pain pills to take, in the hope that I will be able to make it the entire 30 minutes.

Basically I will be doped out of my mind. :D Which is probably good, since I've been having massive anxiety about this whole thing.

3) So I think my new boss is a bit of a flake. First there was the whole review thing where she tried to give me a review for a year when she only supervised me for 6 weeks. Yesterday, she sent out the new edition of our email newsletter, and asked me to link to it on the website, FB, and Twitter. She asked me the same thing last month, and I said I couldn't link to an email, unless she had a link to give me, since I can't just link to inboxes. But she didn't have a link, since she builds it as an email in Constant Contact. So I suggested that I would make a news post on our website and FB and Twitter about it, and link to our sign-up form, so people could sign up to receive the email. And she said, "Oh, that's a great idea!" So that was what we did last month.

I reminded her we had this conversation last month, and she was like, "Oooooh. Right. Well, can you recreate it on the website?" I told her I could, but it wouldn't look exactly like the email, since she's using Constant Contact's templates, but I could recreate it the best I could. "Won't that be too much work?" she asked, and I said, not really, if that's what she wanted me to do. But then I reminded her that the reason she wanted an email newsletter was so that people would sign up and give us their contact info, which she wants for funding/donor campaigns, and if we put the newsletter on the website, aren't we defeating that purpose? "Good point!" said she. "Keep doing what you're doing!"

I'm wondering if we'll have this conversation again next month.
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Hello, everyone! Let's talk Yuletide!


On the Plains of the Crimson King (22575 words) by magistera
Chapters: 8/8
Fandom: The Stand - Stephen King
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Fran Goldsmith, Stu Redman, Lucy Swann, Leo Rockway, Jess Rider
Additional Tags: The Stand

Eight years after Randall Flagg was defeated, life goes on in the much-reduced circumstances of post-Trips America. But when Fran and Stu's son begins to have disturbing (and all-too-familiar) dreams, it's a sign of change to come.

Listen, if you love The Stand, hurry up and read this. It is perfect, and is exactly what I wanted for this fandom, and I am totally in love with it.

Second, I wrote this story:

Turn and Face the Strange (1838 words) by Snacky
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Newsflesh Trilogy - Mira Grant
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: Author Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Georgia Mason/Shaun Mason
Characters: Georgia Mason, Shaun Mason
Additional Tags: Yuletide, Christmas, Post-Canon, Series Spoilers

The clone was a 97% match to the old Georgia Mason. Shaun and George notice the 3%.

Newsflesh! Oh my god, I was so glad I got this assignment, since I really wanted to write in this fandom. I had fun with this story, and I think it was well-received! My recipient left me a really awesome comment, and I got some other nice comments and recs. Big thanks to [personal profile] musesfool and [personal profile] bedlamsbard for their awesome and helpful beta. I always think how lucky I am to have friends who can beta for me, and they both really came through this time.


So I am off from work until Monday, which is lucky for me since we're having a big snowstorm here. But I am safe and warm and snowfree, thanks to my upstairs neighbor who has shoveled our driveway and cars three times already today.

God, I am going to have to buy him a bottle of some really good drink, aren't I?

I hope everyone is having a happy new year so far!
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So, in June, my old laptop died. It was a five year old Macbook. I replaced it with a new Macbook Pro, which is running the latest version of OS X - Mountain Lion.

In July, my old desktop died. It was a seven year old iMac. I was mainly using it as a backup to the laptop, and I stored all my music on it, because it was so old and ran so slow and basically had no more upgrades left in it. It didn't even have enough memory to upgrade the OS, so it was still running Snow Leopard.

I did not replace it, because I had just bought a new computer. I pulled all the music and files I needed off the backup drive, and said goodbye.

Last week, my modem died. I had kind of forgotten how old it was - eleven years old. So, not a surprise it died, I guess. Anyway, Verizon sent me a new one, free of charge. And I set up the new network, everything worked, super easy, la la la.

Except for the wireless printer. Which can see the new network, but can't log into it. You have to set up the login with the wireless printer connected via USB to the computer.

But the computer is too new, and the printer is too old (four years old) to do this. HP doesn't update the drivers to work with Mountain Lion. It took three phone calls to HP to determine this.

Now, if the old iMac hadn't died first, it would have been easy to set it up using that, with the old OS. But no, everything fell apart in the wrong order.

So now I have a wireless printer that still prints, but not wirelessly, and my mother can't print at all, since she's got a Chromebook and can ONLY print wirelessly.

Obviously my house is under a technology curse (downstairs neighbor had to get a new modem last week too).

It's tax-free weekend in MA. I am buying a new printer, and giving the old one to my brother.

Nothing else better die.
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Guys, guys, I got my new laptop! My old one died two weeks ago, which I didn't tell you because... my old laptop died.

I had my EVEN OLDER desktop for use in emergencies, which was basically getting the NFE matching done and prompts sent out and that took forever because, yeah, that's an old iMac.

Anyway, this is a brand new MacBook Pro and it's all shiny and has lots of RAM and a huge hard drive, and I am glad I got it custom built, even though it took me longer to get it. And I was able to recover all my files from the old laptop! \o/ Thank god for Time Machine, this is not the first time it's saved my ass, I'll tell you what.

Anyway anyway, hi! I missed you all, did you notice I was gone? :D [personal profile] bedlamsbard I can finally get that beta done!
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Thank you to everyone who called and texted and tweeted to check in with me yesterday. I wasn't in Boston. My nephew was down by the finish line, but he's fine. Understandably upset, but fine. He smartly called his parents immediately after it happened, before cell phone service was shut down, and they called the rest of the family, and we knew he was okay, but oh, it was still such a relief when he called me and I heard his voice.

I am just so relieved and thankful that everyone I know and love is okay, and so heartsick and grieving for those who weren't as lucky.

I used to live in Boston, and worked in Kenmore Square, ages ago. My company was always closed on Patriot's Day, as the Marathon route went right by our front door. But my coworkers and I used to go in and watch from the roof, and cheer the runners on. I've also waited at the finish line for friends, cheering on everyone who crossed.

And what keeps going through my mind is "Why? How could they do that? There are families there, there are kids there, don't they know that? Don't they understand? It's the Marathon!"

And of course they understood. Of course they knew that. They packed the explosives with projectiles, to do the most harm possible. They wanted to cause that kind of destruction, grief, and terror.

I don't think the answer to "why?" which I suppose will come when they catch the person responsible for this, will ever make any kind of sense to me.
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This is how my day started: I was walking into work, looked down, and saw that I was wearing two different colored shoes, a blue shoe on my left foot, and a black one on my right.

In my defense, I own two pairs of the same shoe in different colors, so I didn't notice a difference in fit or feel, and my closet is really small and really dark, and really it's just a miracle that this hasn't happened before.

My Boss and the Peruvian Poodle cracked up, and PP assured me that "no one would ever notice." BUT I NOTICE, PP. I NOTICE.

Luckily, I have a spare pair of matching shoes I keep at my desk, so I don't have to carry shoes with me on snowy days when I am wearing my boots. Also luckily, they are black shoes, which is what I was aiming for.

Meanwhile, The New Girl just said, "Oh my god, something is wrong with me, I know the word but I can't remember it! What's the word for when you write something, but you copy someone else's writing and pass it off as your own?"

"Plagiarism?" we all replied.

She said, "Thank you! I am having a bad day, obviously."

So, how's your day going?
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My friend told me on Easter that she thinks she's developed an allergy to peanut butter.

Friend: I've eaten a lot of peanut butter eggs this year. A lot. *shifty eyes* I had to buy the kid's Easter candy twice. And I started getting a rash on my chest. So I think I might be allergic to peanut butter now. My father developed a peanut allergy when he was 60, and I'm afraid I might be developing it now.
Me: That sounds like you are! *explains how my allergy (not to peanut butter) started with a rash*
Friend: But I love peanut butter! How will I live without peanut butter?!
Me: I don't know but you'll --
Friend: -- maybe it's the chocolate! Maybe it's not the peanut butter?
Me: I suppose you could try them separately?
Friend: I had peanut butter crackers the other day, and I got the rash.
Me: not the chocolate then.
Friend: Well, everything else is fine! I mean, my tongue doesn't swell up, and my throat doesn't close, and my lips don't feel fuzzy, so...
Me: the plan is keep eating peanut butter until full-blown anaphylaxis sets in?
Friend's Sister: THANK YOU!

I'll keep you updated, if she goes into a Reese's peanut butter cup related coma.


I went to the dentist again yesterday. Words you never want to hear from a dental professional: "Wow, your gums look like hamburger."


We are trying something with the crown, to hopefully heal my gums and my irritated tooth. My dentist is a loon, but he's a good guy.
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Back here... )
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I made my way outside to shovel. The hope was that I could clean out the parking lot entrance so we could move our cars.

It was a fool's hope... )

So now we just wait for a plow to come to clean out the school parking lot, so we can move our cars. The driving ban is still in effect until this afternoon, so it's not like we're going anywhere.
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I've had a long week, (capped off yesterday by Adventures in Gynecology, whoo hoo! D:). It included work hijinks, family drama, friend drama, and a very long, very graphic, very detailed discussion with a health insurance rep over whether an endometrial biopsy was a surgical procedure or not, and how it should be covered under my health insurance.

Good times, good times. And sadly, I am out of wine. I may turn to the hard stuff.


One good thing is that I have two really great doctors. I am always worried about told, "you just need to lose weight" and being fat-shamed prior to any visits. I don't know why! Neither of them have ever done that to me - they've always been willing to listen to me and work with me to find solutions to any health problems I have, but I think I have just internalized so many messages about how any health issues I have would just disappear (POOF!) if I was skinny. So I always go into doctor appointments stressed out and ready to fight (which may explain why my blood pressure is always so high at the start of the visits), and it turns out I never have to do this at all.

So, it's a relief, and I'm just grateful to have them both.


[profile] kate_nepevu is continuing the words and deeds meme here and my thread is here. Feel free to say nice things about me! I wouldn't mind it at all! :D
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Hello! I could tell you about all the drama going on in my house (technically outside of the house) right now, but it is too long and involved and makes me crazy to think about. Basically, two things can sum the whole thing up:

1) Real life is not a reality show. Behaving like you think you're on a reality show is unappealing, horrible, and basically just demonstrates how crazy you really are.

2) There are times when life and the things we have to do seem hard, and overwhelming, and impossible. I understand this and have found myself in this position before. But if you are a woman, the solution to all these hard things is not to just lie down and say, "I can't do it! I need a man!" and ignore all the very real problems you have in your life until a man can come along to fix them.

Honestly. You don't want to know.


Work is going well! My boss let me go home early last Friday, because she had been out sick all week with the flu (sweeping my company like the plague) and I had filled in for her on several critical issues with the president of the company. She said, "I just want you to know I really appreciate you. I appreciate you and all you do."

This is such a change from the last batch of asshats I used to work with, that I was a bit overwhelmed when she said it.

Speaking of the last batch of asshats, I had dinner with my former coworker and friend F last week, and she reports that the asshats are still asshatting about, that they can't keep anyone in my former position, and they have eliminated the position of my supervisor, after the last one quit and told them she wasn't taking their blaming bullshit anymore. Things are not going so well, F says. In fact, she is looking for another job herself.

Oh, how my heart breaks from them. Not.


Last but not least, a meme! By way of [personal profile] musesfool:

Pick a character* I've written and I will give and explain the top five** ideas/concepts/etc I keep in mind while writing that character that I believe are essential to accurately depicting them.

* Try to make it someone I've written (including characters I RP'ed) or recently in order for me to answer.
** May not actually be five.
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Hello! I came through the Frankenstorm unscathed. We had flickering power all afternoon, and last night at 7 p.m., we lost it for good. My landlord fired up the generator to keep the sump pump in basement going (we learned our lesson in previous power outages when the basement has flooded), and I spent the evening listening to the generator, reading by flashlight, and being horrified by the pictures out of New York on Twitter.

I had an uneasy sleep, worried about not waking up in time for work, but I did and got ready in the dark. As I was walking out the door, the power came back on and will hopefully stay on for good. I don't live along the coast, but my city is at a high elevation, and we always get wicked winds, no matter what. And those winds always lead to massive power outages.

I am just pleased that the power is back, and I won't have a repeat of last year's Snowpocalypse, which caused me to spend a week in the dark. V. depressing. And Sandy hit exactly a year to the date later, which had me jittery.

But I am fine, and in any case, would rather be in the dark than under a few feet of water. Poor New York and New Jersey. :(
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1) I have a date for my surgery: Friday, October 5. Sadly, my plans to get my family to give me an iPad as a recovery gift have fallen through, since the recovery is only expected to be a few short days. But! Imagine a life without my right hand constantly being numb and in pain (okay, you don't have to imagine it, but I will)! It will be glorious, iPad or no!

2) Today I almost drove off the road on the way to work, not due to numbness in my hand, but due to the bizarre spectacle of a woman on the side of the road, in flesh-colored leggings, a red v-neck shirt that was cut extremely low, with like, black fluttery sleeves attached to it, and a giant fur hat on her head. The giant fur hat had these long side flaps that came down and wrapped around her neck, and it basically looked like a howler monkey was sitting on her head and trying to strangle her. It almost beats a goose in a sack for odd things I have seen on my way to work. If only it were an actual howler monkey.

3) Cut for bodily TMI )

4) I am still pondering Yuletide! This puts me behind the times, I bet. I'm sure everyone else has all their nominations locked in already. I saw that someone was going to nominate The Montmaray Journals but I am still thinking I should nominate it, just to get all the characters in. Other things I want that other people are nominating include Code Name Verity, and the Austin & Murry-O'Keefe Families, Political Animals and Young Avengers.

I kind of want to nominate the Beany Malone/Katie Rose series by Lenora Mattingly Weber, but I fear that I am the only person who has read these and it would be a wasted nomination. Ditto on Norma Johnston's Keeping Days books.

Then there are things I want to see nominated not just for requesting purposes, but because I could write them: The Stand, Northern Exposure, Space: Above and Beyond, Mary Poppins, Buckaroo Banzai, The Melendy Family, Little Women, Tales of the City, and Brideshead Revisited.

Hmm, tiny fandoms of my heart lean heavily to books.

Oh Yuletide, you are causing me agita! What to do, what to do?!
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I met with a surgeon today and I have to go under the knife. Luckily it is for a very easy surgery, carpal tunnel! I have it in both hands but my right one is particularly bad, so we're doing that first (he was rather horrified at how bad it was: "We'll do the left one sooner, because we don't want to let it get THAT bad!").

So basically, two surgeries in my future, my right hand ASAP, and my left hand after my right is recovered. I'm waiting to hear from his scheduler, but he and I discussed Columbus Day weekend which should give me plenty of time to recover without having to take too many days off.

He said recovery shouldn't be too bad. I will have to learn to do some things with my left hand ("start practicing now") and I will only be to type with 1 finger for a week or two, and I can't lift anything heavy ("like a gallon of milk") for a month.

But as long as my hands stop going numb and tingling and painful all the time, it will be worth it.

I have been trying to convince my family members they should get me an iPad to help me through my difficult recovery period, but they've been skeptical. I guess this whole "you'll only need about three days" isn't going to help me seal the deal, alas!


When I left the hospital and went to the parking lot, I discovered a big pickup truck had parked next to me in the "compact cars only" spaces. And he had parked so close to me (over the line! >:o) that I could barely open my door and I had to wiggle in. While doing said wiggling, I of course slipped, and I was holding my keys, and I scratched his passenger door.

I did not key his truck on purpose, although I took a vindictive pleasure in having done it. You park like a jackass, you take the risk of dings and scratches on your car, I figure. My only regret was that the scratch wasn't bigger. If I had done it on purpose, I would have scratched out "FUCK YOU" in letters six inches high.

I just killed a spider crawling on my desk at work, and I realized I felt worse about that than I did keying some jackass's truck.

Does that make me a sociopath? Y/N/MFY? If you feel the need, elaborate on my sociopathy in comments. :D
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Just to expand a little on something I said on Twitter:

@snacky: It's so odd that people think by saying "Sad to hear about Amy Winehouse" you're saying "I don't care about the tragedy in Norway."

@snacky: Newsflash: You can be sad and have sympathy for more than one tragedy.

Strangely, my sympathy doesn't tap out at, "100 innocent Norwegians killed." That's a terrible tragedy, not just in scale of loss, but in the shock and horror that terrorist unleashed upon the entire nation of Norway.

And yes, Amy Winehouse was someone who made poor life choices, and her death was probably the result of those poor choices. But I loved her songs, and I can feel a sense of sadness and loss over her death, and at the same time, still care about the tragedy in Norway. I know, it's amazing! Like a magic trick!

The thing to remember is that each death is a tragedy to someone (and if it's not, that's a tragedy within itself). Amy Winehouse had family and friends who loved her and will mourn and grieve for her. And to dismiss her death by saying she was just another messed up celeb and we need to "keep things in perspective" because what happened in Norway was much more tragic - you know, I know about perspective, thanks. But just because the scale of loss is greater in Norway, it doesn't take away people's sadness over her death. You can't just say, "Stop being upset about THAT, because THIS is bigger." That's just absurd. That's not how life or emotions work.

Let me put it in perspective: my friend died last week, and the grief of his passing is not suddenly gone, erased magically because the death toll in Norway was so high. "Oh, there's not enough sadness to go around! I have to stop being sad over one thing, so I can be sad over this other thing now."

Sometimes you ARE just too consumed with grief or sadness over one thing, to devote much time or attention to another tragedy. That's human too, it happens to everyone, and I understand. But other people don't get to draw that line for you, and tell you when to start and stop caring about exactly what things.

You know, I went to a wake and funeral last week. And my friend's parents were incredibly generous, in the heart of their own grief. They said, "I know how much you loved him too" and "I know you'll miss him and I'm so sorry." And then after I passed through the receiving line, I was shown some pictures of my friend, and we all laughed, through our tears, because they were funny pictures and we were able to remember the good times, even while we still were grieving.

Because emotions are messy and complicated, and you don't stop laughing, even when you're still crying. And I just don't get it when people think grief is a medal you earned, and tragedy is trump card you can play... to shut people up and win something, I guess. I don't know what.

@tbq: I never understand the whole idea that we can only process one thing at a time. Our minds, hearts, and souls are bigger than that.

Cat update

Apr. 27th, 2011 03:03 pm
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The vet is "optimistic" and everything "looks fine" but he won't guarantee anything.

All blood tests came back normal, they don't think Sophie ate any of the lily, and what Sam ate, he vomited up before it entered his intestinal track. So puking saved his life. :D

They gave him lots and lots of fluids, so they think they flushed everything out that could have been a problem. The vet says the best indication is that neither of them are showing any symptoms of poisoning, which they would have by now if there was trouble.

So it is a big relief. Thank you so much for all the good thoughts and wishes! Here, have some pictures of them:

Bird watching.


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Sam update: He is at the vet, having IV fluids and blood tests, and so far levels are normal. He will have a urine test later, just to check, but the vet is optimistic and says we dodged a bullet.

However, he wants to do blood tests on Sophie to make sure she didn't ingest anything. He says she wouldn't have necessarily vomited it like Sam did. :( So when I pick him up, I have to bring her in for those. So I am now hoping for more bullet-dodging.
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My stupid cat ate a stupid Easter Lily which is stupidly (and deadly) toxic to stupid, stupid cats.

Also, I am stupid because a stupid Easter Lily was in my stupid house.

Sam puked up the entire contents of his stomach, including bits of Easter Lily, and then went to the vet's for subcutaneous fluids. The vet said he didn't have to stay overnight, but he needs to be back first thing in the morning for a day of tests and IV fluids.

And now we can just hope that the results of those tests don't indicate kidney failure.

I am off to bed to worry worry worry. Stupid cat. Poor Sam.


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