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Guys. Guys. So many things I haven't told you. I got a delightful new job, started going to boot camp, AND last night I joined a gym (separate from the boot camp).

I have a personal trainer to teach me how to do things without hurting myself (more likely than you'd think! those big rubber bands you do stretches with? I nearly put my eye out in boot camp!) and also he's very encouraging about things.

Also, I am terrible at exercise, just terrible. But I have this chronic back/leg pain combo going on (severe facet arthritis in the joints of my spine, which has caused a herniated disk and pinched nerves, so bad that I have nerve pain radiating down my legs constantly), and I was told exercise should help this.

I am not sure I believe it, but I am willing to give it a go.

Also also, I sweat. A lot. This is what years of non-exercising does to you: all your sweat gets stored up and comes pouring out the minute you lift a finger. Okay, that is probably not scientifically true, but it's what I've got.

Also also also! I have two new things wrong with me: sleep apnea, and complex endometrial hyperplasia. For the first, they're giving me an oxygen face mask, and for the second, I'm going under the knife next Monday.

The sleep apnea was not a surprise; I snore, am overweight, have allergy problems, and come from a family with no necks. It was bound to get me. But the other thing is! Luckily my doctor says there's nothing cancerous/pre-cancerous going on, but he wants to take care of it right away, hence the hasty surgery.

This all sounds rather depressing, but other than that I'm doing well? REALLY. I love my new job, they love me, it's a good place to work, with great benefits. One crazy coworker, but you know me, it was inevitable.

Also x 4 I have embarked on cleaning out everything I own. I have gotten rid of millions of clothes, and have whittled my closet down to what one might call a "capsule wardrobe." I was skeptical of this, but it's worked out great so far. And I keep coming across more clothes I want to get rid of. "WHY AM I KEEPING THIS?!" is my battlecry.

Next up, I tackle my bookshelves. Not so easy, I am afraid.

Also x5, I am doing Yuletide again this year. I have scored an assignment for a fandom I always wanted to write, so I am excited!

I think that's about it. How are YOU all doing?

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