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Hello! Would you like to see some pictures of my cat Sophie?

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There are birds outside trying to build a nest on the air conditioner.

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Cat update

Apr. 27th, 2011 03:03 pm
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The vet is "optimistic" and everything "looks fine" but he won't guarantee anything.

All blood tests came back normal, they don't think Sophie ate any of the lily, and what Sam ate, he vomited up before it entered his intestinal track. So puking saved his life. :D

They gave him lots and lots of fluids, so they think they flushed everything out that could have been a problem. The vet says the best indication is that neither of them are showing any symptoms of poisoning, which they would have by now if there was trouble.

So it is a big relief. Thank you so much for all the good thoughts and wishes! Here, have some pictures of them:

Bird watching.


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Sam update: He is at the vet, having IV fluids and blood tests, and so far levels are normal. He will have a urine test later, just to check, but the vet is optimistic and says we dodged a bullet.

However, he wants to do blood tests on Sophie to make sure she didn't ingest anything. He says she wouldn't have necessarily vomited it like Sam did. :( So when I pick him up, I have to bring her in for those. So I am now hoping for more bullet-dodging.
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My stupid cat ate a stupid Easter Lily which is stupidly (and deadly) toxic to stupid, stupid cats.

Also, I am stupid because a stupid Easter Lily was in my stupid house.

Sam puked up the entire contents of his stomach, including bits of Easter Lily, and then went to the vet's for subcutaneous fluids. The vet said he didn't have to stay overnight, but he needs to be back first thing in the morning for a day of tests and IV fluids.

And now we can just hope that the results of those tests don't indicate kidney failure.

I am off to bed to worry worry worry. Stupid cat. Poor Sam.


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