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Long time readers of this journal, do you remember Poodle? In small world news, I saw her commenting on someone's facebook post the other day, and I ... didn't comment, I just shut the tab and haven't gone back to Facebook since.

I don't know if I could handle even a virtual version of Poodle in my life right now.

But in celebration of our near miss reunion, have one of Poodle's greatest hits!
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I was looking through some old posts in my journal tonight, and I came across this prayer I wrote back in my days of working with Poodle:

Jesusallahbuddha, please make Poodle stop talking about her wedding. Please. Please.

I will do anything. I will stop sacrificing the goats. I will stop eating the babies. I will stop pouring the sugar in peoples' gas tanks. I will take responsibility for making Leslie Tompkins a killer. I will stop furbashing. I will not sic the ice weasels on anyone less robust than them. I will send feedback. I will watch Desperate Housewives (but just the opening credits). I will write slash where there are no weeping girlymen and I will not use epithets. I will stop wearing white after Labor day. I will eat all my vegetables and send the rest to the hungry. I will stop with my email pyramid schemes and cybersex scams. I will do multiplication three times a day. Just give me a sign and I will do whatever it is. For reals.

Please just let me never hear anything else about her wedding ever again.

Man, reading about Poodle is a lot funnier than working with her ever was. :D


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