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Reminder: OUTLANDER!

Have you started watching yet?

Because, just in case you missed it the last time, KILT! THIGHS! KNEES!

Very powerful thighs at that.

Jumping in a kilt! Who knew how great that would look?

I think he was trying to flash the goods in this one.

Are you ready to watch yet?

Yes, we know, Jamie.


Had the spinal injections today! Seems to have gone fairly well, but I'm awfully sore. Although that's the needles, I think.
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I'm up to "Your skin is as smooth and unblemished as an eight year old!" bathing scene which is giving me strange feelings in the Claire/Mrs Fitzgibbons department.

ETA: Glad the injections went okay, also!
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Glad the injections went well! Hope the soreness wears off quickly and you feel the benefits.

I'm up to episode 3 of Outlander (we're running behind up here in Canada) and am finding it a bit slow (though lovely to look at). I found the book fairly slow going at first too though, so it could just be a build-up thing.

Are those gifs from episodes 5 & 6? The word on the street is that's when it all starts to kick it up a notch.
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