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Here, let's have a meme:

Post an excerpt from as many random works-in-progress as you can find lying around.

Untitled Narnia/L'Engleverse crossover )

We Got The Kind of Voices That Are In Your Face, Young Avengers. In which our heroes decide to start a band… )

Untitled Caspian/Peter fic, Narnia… )

The Girl Is Crafty Like Ice Is Cold, Avengers, Natasha/Clint )

Untitled Tirian story, Narnia (this one is kind of long) )

Maybe that will inspire me to finish some of them. :D
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Oh gosh, just looked at a story on AO3, and found an error in the middle of it, that neither I, my betas, nor any of the commenters noticed. *facepalm*


I have research to do for my NFE! I have a basic outline already, but I need to check some things out before going any further with the story.


Meanwhile, the WIP list grows! In addition to the NFE story, I have:

1) untitled Tirian story, pre-LB, an adventure he has when he is a young teen - there are treacherous plots, kidnapping, madness and prophecy, and death! I'm stuck on the death though. SIGH.
2) untitled Narnia/L'Engleverse crossover. Every time I think this will be unfinished forever, I end up writing a little more of it. Susan and Charles Wallace and time travel and love.
3) No Sleep Til Brooklyn - Steve/Bucky for [personal profile] musesfool.
4) The Girl Is Crafty Like Ice Is Cold - Natasha story in which I am trying to use both Clint AND Bucky. But not sure if that works.
5) We've Got The Kind of Voices That Are In Your Face - The Young Avengers form a band. In their spare time. Because they need a break from their superhero hobby. :D
6) untitled Caspian/Peter thingy. Am unhappy with what is happening in it. Might scrap and start over.
7) an untitled Last Battle AU in which no one dies in the trainwreck except for Susan. This has a wonky middle! I cannot get it right.

I need to be better at titles. Or else I need to name all my stories after lyrics. I haven't decided yet. :D


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