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Hey, have that first lines meme that's going around:

The first lines of my last 21 stories, from newest to oldest

(Really I could do this whole meme with just some of the ficlets from the Three Sentence Ficathon, but that seems cheating, so I'll just limit myself to a few from there.)

1) She enchants him so that he doesn't even recognize himself.

2) In the years that she waits for Will, Elizabeth tells their son stories of pirates and great battles on the sea, how his mother was the Pirate King, and his father the bravest man she ever knew.

3) She's crouched low, examining the body, when she hears footsteps approaching, and then a shadow blocks the sun, and when she glances up, Logan Echolls is looking down at her, with a smirk on his face.

4) I looked out the grimy window as the hot, crowded bus pulled into the station at Virginia Beach, hoping for a glimpse of Sean.

5) The first thing Joel realizes is how cold he is.

6) At Castle Anvard, Lucy waited in her bedroom, in the same suite of rooms she was always given when she visited, and wondered when Aravis would arrive.

7) Susan wakes slowly, wincing at the bone-deep soreness she feels in every inch of her body. The pain is somehow both familiar and bittersweet, although she can't remember why.

8) It is Reepicheep's very first memory.

9) For a year after the funerals, Susan visits the cemetery every afternoon when she gets off work, and she there's all day on weekends.

10) Left alone by King Edmund (and Mulder was still having a hard time reconciling this young man with the Edmund he'd met on the other side of the wardrobe door) in his private study, Mulder stood before the bookshelves on the far wall, gazing at all the books with great interest.

11) When the Dawn Treader departs, Liliandil stands on the shore and watches it go, until it's just a dot on the horizon.

12) "She'll be all right, Susan,” Edmund says, crouched next to her in front of the remains of the Stone Table. “After all, here we are leading a war when we're hardly any older than she is." (Actually not my line! This is a remix of a story by [personal profile] vialethe and this part is hers!)

13) Every night, Helen Harte dreams of a lion.

14) Narnia, as always, is marvelous.

15) "It's very scratchy here!" Caspian says, shifting around, trying the best he can to find a comfortable position.

16) Caspian's coronation was very different than the Pevensies' which, at this point, didn't really come as a surprise to Peter.

17) The first time Rilian sees the Lady of the Green Kirtle, she scares him nearly to death.

18) Edmund hadn't wanted to come to Russia in the first place.

19) Bert was 17 when he first fell in love with Mary Poppins, back when he was a young man, the prince of his house, and heir to his father's throne.

20) Today, Peter Pevensie nearly had his head taken off in a duel that he went on to win. (<-- technically cheating because I haven't posted this story.)

21) Tirian wondered if it was actually possible to die of boredom. (another unposted cheat! Shame on me!)

If you want to ask me anything about any of these lines, like, "why did you want to start the story like THAT?" I will do my best to answer. :D