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So [personal profile] rthstewart hosted the Three Sentence Ficathon this year, and it was great fun, as usual. I filled a few prompts, as you do (although sometimes they are longer than three sentences! I fail at rules) and there were so many more I wished I had time to fill! But here are the ones I got to:

And I will sing him siren songs

She enchants him so that he doesn't even recognize himself. She hides him underground, far away from his home and his father, and takes his name away from him, so that he only answers to "My prince." And she takes the greatest delight in the words of admiration and love that spill from his lips, knowing that one day, she will crush him and Narnia completely.

A Dream of a Dance

Anne collapses into giggles every time Isabel forces her to practice dancing with her, and Isabel stamps her foot in frustration. "You're not even trying, Anne! Come now, can't you pretend I'm not your sister, for just one minute?"

And Isabel is right, it's much easier when she closes her eyes and pretends it's Richard she's dancing with, and this is the wedding day she's always dreamed of.

You were waiting for the worst, you were listening for a curse

In the years that she waits for Will, Elizabeth tells their son stories of pirates and great battles on the sea, how his mother was the Pirate King, and his father the bravest man she ever knew. She tells him of Captain Jack Sparrow too, but there are still some secrets she keeps, some lies she tells.

And when the Black Pearl drops anchor one day in the small harbor, Elizabeth tells herself another lie, and knows there will be another secret to keep.

Welcome To The New Age

Caspian is puzzled when, after his coronation, Lucy takes his hand and leads him off, into the woods - she won't tell him where she's taking him, no matter how many times he asks, and he's even more puzzled when they enter a clearing, and find her siblings waiting for them. And he's positively shocked when they start disrobing and tell him to do so as well before he joins them in the river, for the ceremony.

There were so many things about being King of Narnia that Cornelius never mentioned, and as Caspian enters the frigid water, he makes a mental note to ask him if there are any other ceremonies he should be aware of.

I just closed my eyes and my whole world disappeared

When Elrond's children are young, they ask about his parents and his brother - they know their other grandparents, of course, but they are curious about the family they have never met.

He tells of his mother, of the last time he saw her, flying away from the Havens of Sirion, a white bird stark against the blue sky, as he and his brother watched from the window, crying and clutching each other's hand, afraid and alone.

But when asked of his father, Elrond hesitates - because there is one who is little more than a name and a few flashes of memory to him, and there are the others who wrought such destruction, and then raised him and his brother with such love and care - and finally he points to a star in the sky, and then tells his children of Maglor and Maedhros.

Say goodbye to the old world

After living so long in Narnia, magic had become commonplace to them - no longer something to marvel at, or inspire wonder. But back on this side of the wardrobe, they feel the loss keenly, and one sunny afternoon, Edmund catches Susan out in the garden, lying on her back, and talking to the trees.

She gazes up at him, eyes filled with tears, and sighs. "I miss the sound of their voices."

The Lion Revealed

They've been traveling quiet and rough, as they move through the Western Wild. Without his crown or Rhindon on his belt, and with three weeks growth of beard, and covered by a heavy layer of dirt and dust, Peter can hardly be recognized as the High King of Narnia.

But when the bandit troop attacks them, it only takes Peter moments before he emerges triumphant, even with a second-hand sword and a small knife his only weapons, and Edmund grins at his brother, and announces to all who survived, "All hail the High King!"

let's steal away, no reason left to stay

The final night of their visit to the court of Telmar, and their business is concluded and trade agreements and treaties have been signed, and all that's left is the farewell feast, and it's during the meal that they hear of trouble in one of the countries to the west of Telmar. It's one of the distant lands where no Narnian has ever been before, and Edmund catches Susan's eye as the discussion of war and wizards and rings of power swirls around them.

She knows that look, and when she retires to her room after the feast, she realizes they're not heading back home in the morning, that instead they'll be going further west, and when she catches a glimpse of herself in the mirror, she realizes she's grinning in delight.

So what? I didn't want to come here, anyway

After the trainwreck, she can't stand to be in England a minute more, and she never wanted to be there in the first place, despite how she appeared to embrace her life there. She can't be in Narnia (never again echoes in her head) and she can't stay in England, so she books passage to America, and when the ship docks in New York, she buys a car and map, and she starts driving west.

She drives until she runs out of land, and she makes a place for herself on the edge of an entirely different ocean than any she's known previously. The Pacific is wild and rough, but lives up to its name, and Susan is surprised to find peace there, a peace that comes with its own kind of joy, and makes her think she may be able to live in this world after all.

Suppose I kept on singing love songs just to break my own fall

He's not the only one who sings. Susan was known and praised in Narnia for her lovely voice, and in England she continued to sing, both the popular songs of the day, and songs that reminded her of the life she left behind. But it's only now with Maglor, that she finally feels ready to enter into a duet.

I came just to remind you I love you so

After her husband sails away with their sons, Nerdanel leaves her father's home, and journeys to Tol Eressëa, and makes a new home for herself on the island. Everyday she walks along the shore, gazing to east, thinking of Fëanor and her boys, and longing for their safe return, even though she knows she hopes in vain.

And it is on that shore, as she watches the waves wash ceaselessly against the sand, that her heart clenches tight in her chest and she finally realizes he is gone from her for good.

A long time ago, we used to be friends

She's crouched low, examining the body, when she hears footsteps approaching, and then a shadow blocks the sun, and when she glances up, Logan Echolls is looking down at her, with a smirk on his face.

"Well, Veronica Mars, why am I not surprised to find you here?"

She tells herself her heart isn't actually skipping a beat, that all that was between them was a long time ago, and she asks, "Did you arrange this as a homecoming for me?"

Change the Game

Caspian sailed east on the Dawn Treader, hoping to find more than just the seven missing lords. A way into his friends' world was at the top of his list, and finding Lucy and Edmund bobbing in the Eastern Ocean was a surprise, although not the one he had most longed for. But when he turns the ship around to head home to Narnia, he realizes he is ready to leave that piece of his heart behind, and give another piece away.

Unearth the Past

She lingers long after so many others pass. Days slide into years which slide into centuries, and she is alone. She travels the world over the millenia, but she always returns to Rivendell, to visit the bones of her old home.


"Well… we saved Narnia, didn't we?"

"Yes. Six months ago now."

"Mmm. Do we ever get to go back to England or this home now?"

I’m good at hating myself

There are nights when sleep doesn't come, when Susan tosses and turns, thinking of her lost family, of their lost kingdom, of all the losses that she thinks — maybe — she could have prevented, if only she had … been different, been more faithful, believed harder and deeper and longer. She gives up on sleep and drinks the strong liquor Maglor brings her, and they drink and talk throughout the night.

Maglor understands "if only" better than perhaps anyone else in this world. He doesn't offer advice or suggestions — she supposes he's learned that's never as helpful as he intends — but he holds her hands in his and shares the drink and listens to her talk, and while Susan wishes for more, she decides that for now, it is enough.

Adventures to be Had

"Come on, Eda! If we don't hurry, we'll miss the elephants' midnight show!"

"I think that was the point of sending us to bed early, Luke," Edaline says with a yawn, but climbs out of her bed, curious about what the show entails.

Luke flashes a quick grin at her, and slips out the window, with Edaline follows her younger brother, off to what she is sure will be another mishap.

So many masks

She has many long hours to think about it, in those days and weeks of captivity. She's played with her identities for so long, that she has lost track of which is her parents' daughter, which is brothers' sister, which is the schoolgirl, which is the spy, which is the coward, which is the hero, which is the traitor. But she thinks of Maddie as she writes, and she knows, when they are reunited, that Maddie will recognize her, whoever she is, that Maddie will know her, and that Maddie always did.

How Reality is Defined

After Narnia (for that is how Susan divided her life - in Narnia, and after Narnia, and before Narnia was just a hazy memory, of a different life entirely) - Susan decided to live in England the best way she knew how.

She threw herself into life in England, living it to the fullest, with friends and parties and work and fun and frivolity - at least what fun and frivolity was to be had in post-war London - and she knew the others didn't understand, thought her foolish and shallow, and fallen away from Narnia.

What they didn't understand, though, was that she was taking what she had learned in Narnia, all the ways she had lived as the Gentle Queen, and living that life in this world - one of the duties she had learned in Narnia was that a Queen brought joy and beauty to her people, to all those around her, and she took this duty seriously in this world as well.

Destiny of My Own

Cassie breaks up with Adam after two weeks - a good two weeks, sure, but not worth the guilt, and Diana's self-sacrifice, and Adam's sorrowful looks whenever he saw Diana - and that night, after the coven meeting, she takes Nick's hand and drags him away from the others, down the beach.

"What are you doing?" Nick asks her after she kisses him, and his face is unreadable in only the moonlight.

"I thought about it, and I realized, if I had listened to everything that was my supposed destiny, we all would be Black John's puppets right now. Or dead." She shrugs. "I make my own destiny, Nick. And I think you do too."

His kiss tells her she's right.

I am a man who will fight for your honor

"Are you really going to fight a duel? Over a Hummingbird?" Susan asked incredulously, while Lucy just giggled.

Edmund looked helplessly at Susan and shrugged. "What can I do? Her brother challenged me to a duel in her honor! It's not like I can help it that a Hummingbird fell in love with me."

Peter grinned. "I suppose we should just be glad she wasn't a Bear with an over-protective brother."

won't you be by my side

He has spent so long wandering this world alone, that when Susan Pevensie enters his life, he almost beats a hasty retreat, so afraid is he of giving up his solitude for companionship, and then losing it again.

But in her face he sees reflected the loss and longing in his soul, and so he opens his heart and life to her – telling her stories, and singing her songs, and speaking, for the first time in millennia, in the language of his home.

And it fills him with almost unbearable delight that Susan learns that language for him, so together they can speak in the lost and ancient tongue of Quenya – for the first time in thousands of years, Maglor does not fear giving his heart to another.

Taste of Eternity

Not a person who sailed with King Caspian to the World’s End returned to their homes unchanged.

In Narnia, the families of the sailors often remarked to each other on how their men had returned different – with a faraway look in their eyes, and a smile that shone brightly, even in the darkest of times – and in England, the changes were noticed in Eustace and Lucy and Edmund as well, how they seemed to scanning a horizon no one else could see, listening and waiting for something that never came to them (not in that world, at least).

But the effects of the water of the Last Sea lingered, and ever after, everyone who had voyaged on the Dawn Treader sought that taste again, in the taste of every meal they ate, every sip of wine, every bite of fruit fresh off the vine; but in vain, for the taste of eternity is not an everyday pleasure.

You don't raise heroes, you raise sons

All of Feanor’s sons swore the Oath, of course – in the moment, they were so caught up, and their father burned so bright, and their love for him was so strong, that not a one of them hesitated, or thought of consequences or repercussions, of leaving behind loves, and family, and home.

But their father’s madness and their devotion to him, drove them to unspeakable acts, and earned them the titles of “Kinslayer” and “Dispossessed,” and cost his brothers, ultimately, their lives, and Maglor alone was left in Middle Earth. His deeds and his brothers were never far from his mind, even over thousands and thousands of years he spent wandering the world, and while regret was his strongest emotion, his love for his father never waned, and he knew, if he had to do it all over, he would swear the Oath again, and follow his father into madness once more.

And I can't do any of that here, can I?

They are all lost on each return to England. The first time, they're jumping at each little sound, seeing glimpses of lost friends out of the corners of their eyes, listening for voices that are always silent - the specific memories fade quickly (and really, that's a blessing, isn't it, because they come on so sudden and cut like a knife and leave them gasping for their losses) and they are just left with the vague sense of something missing, a hollow feeling inside that nothing seems to fill.

The second time, it's a bit easier – Peter and Susan know they aren't going back, and they all know what to expect, and when memories fade, it's a relief – but the third time, Edmund and Lucy are haunted for months, by the sharp, sweet images of the journey to the End of the World. They eventually grow blurry and dull, just like the times before, but that gnawing absence stays with them all, until the end of their days.

Sing of history now

After the trainwreck, Susan sees everything so clearly, remembers Narnia so keenly, and feels her losses so deeply. There is no way to make up for the past, though, so she lives in the present, a Queen in exile, living as a Narnian in this world. And she writes down the stories she remembers, and sings the songs she sang as a queen, and she shares these with all she meets, because, after all, she is the last Narnian left, and such a glorious world cannot die with her.

I am not miserable

After the excitement of their coronation is over, Edmund realizes that everyone is walking on eggshells around him, his siblings and the Narnians, waiting for some misery to come out – nightmares about the witch, terror of the winter, shame, horror, crippling guilt at his actions.

But Edmund surprises them with how happy he is, his love of Narnia, and his role as the Just King. Aslan died for him, after all – Edmund does not forget, but he does not dwell, and it seems like a sin to waste Aslan's sacrifice by wallowing in the misery he once caused.

Little Women in SPAAACE
Jo slides into the cockpit of the jet, pulling her helmet on, adjusting the oxygen feed, and as the canopy closes, she glances over at Laurie in the next plane, and he winks at her, grinning hugely.

"This is it," she whispers to herself, "I'm going to fly."

And then the jet is shooting out the launch tube, and finally, Jo is gliding amongst the stars.

you were a vampire and baby I'm a walkin' dead

Peter's imagined returning to Narnia so many times, and in so many ways, but this was never one of them - returning to a country controlled by the Telmarines, a country that hides in dark, and strikes back against its enemies during the day. The Narnians have been waiting for the return of the Kings and Queens of Old, though, and they soon find themselves leading the Resistance, and plotting ways to get their country back.

But then one night, the vampire prince turns up at their camp, and Peter adds a new item to list of things he never imagined - shaking hands with the enemy, and agreeing to work together, even as he stares warily at Caspian's teeth, gleaming in the moonlight.


There's a crack in the mirror

Lucy is fascinated by the young vampire prince, who is both shy and steadfast at the same time. She follows him in the evenings, watching him interact with the others, the way he is gentle and attentive with the Narnians, and tentative but still tenacious with her siblings, and finds it a stark contrast to the way he hunts, swift and ferocious and determined.

“You will be a good King of Narnia,” she tells him one night, waiting for him in the shadows when he returns from his hunt.

He seems surprised, both by her words and her presence, but Lucy knows that he is aware of all living creatures in a way they are never able to sense his kind. “Why do you say that, Queen Lucy?”

“Because you have the skills needed for the job,” she says, and his smile, slow and sweet and yet oh-so-dangerous, makes her smile too, even as a shiver runs down her spine.


I'm goin' down by the river where it's warm and green

It's dark as Susan makes her way through the woods - it's not a long walk from the How to the river, and she never thought she'd be afraid to walk in Narnia at night, not after all those years she spent growing up here, living and ruling, as familiar with the land as she was with the shape of her own face in the mirror.

But this is a different Narnia than that one, and the night is full of unknown terrors, of dangerous creatures waiting for a Queen of Narnia, to seduce her into darkness, and drain her of life, and she draws her dagger from its sheath on her belt, fingers tight on the hilt as the fear creeps over her.

And as she steps out of the woods into the clearing, the moon shines brightly on the swiftly moving water, and she spies one of those dangerous creatures, waiting for her on the banks of the Great River, and her breath catches in her throat when Caspian offers her a sharp smile. "Queen Susan," he says, bowing low and taking her hand. "Thank you for joining me."

His hand is strong as stone and oddly, feels warm in her own, and as he draws her closer, Susan sheathes her dagger, and the fear slips away.


I hear somethin' there in the shadow

Edmund walks silently down the corridor of Aslan's How, shining his torch into the dark alcoves and empty rooms - he's sure he saw the vampire prince walk this way, only a few moments ago, but Caspian seems to have disappeared entirely, along with his brother and sisters.

He pauses in front of the door at the end of the hall, and almost jumps out of his skin when a hand lands on his shoulder. When he spins around, he sees Caspian grinning at him, his teeth bright and sharp, glinting in the light from the torch.

"King Edmund, why don't you join us?" he asks, holding the door to the small room open, and Edmund can see Peter, Susan and Lucy waiting there, and he's not sure but he thinks he can smell blood and he hesistates.

But when he looks into Caspian's dark eyes and the young prince smiles at him, Edmund is lost.
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*thumbs up!*

I like your fondness for Susan/Maglor :D

And the taste of the sea was one of the most vivid descriptions in Dawn Treader, to my memory. So... yes. Yes to all that.

My favourite one, though, was the Veronica Mars one.
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These are wonderful! I love Elrond.
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These are all wonderful. I love your take on Susan and all these glimpses of Narnia from within and with some distance.