Apr. 8th, 2013

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So [personal profile] rthstewart hosted the Three Sentence Ficathon this year, and it was great fun, as usual. I filled a few prompts, as you do (although sometimes they are longer than three sentences! I fail at rules) and there were so many more I wished I had time to fill! But here are the ones I got to:

Narnia, Rilian/LotGK, you will find him next to me )

Historical RPF, Richard III/Anne Neville, I will dance with you on our wedding day )

Pirates of the Caribbean, Elizabeth/Jack, let me show you the way/I wish that I'd never come/but now that I have I would do it again )

Narnia, Caspian, renewing the old bonds of monarch to Narnia )

Silmarillion, Elrond and Elros, fathers )

Narnia, Susan +/ Edmund, it must be worth losing if it is worth something )

Narnia, Pevensies, in a coat of gold or a coat of red a lion still has claws )

Narnia, Edmund and Susan, they weren't usually the ones displaying wild abandon )

Narnia, Susan, I want to run in fields, paint the kitchen, and love someone/now I can't do any of that here, can I? )

Narnia/The Silmarillion, Susan/Maglor, I hear in my mind all of this music/and it breaks my heart )

The Silmarillion, Feanor (+any), there is no one who will take me by that shore/close to the smoke/far from the fire of your harbor )

Veronica Mars, Logan/Veronica, comeback )

Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader: the one he left behind )

Lord of the Rings; Arwen, Rivendell, time travel, archeology  )

Narnia, Eustace/Jill, stranded )

Narnia/Silmarillion, Susan/Maglor, don't need supernatural help/I can fuck things up myself )

Narnia, girl!Edmund and boy!Lucy, hijinks )

Code Name Verity, Julie Beaufort-Stuart, between Julie and Queenie and Verity, she's never quite sure who she really is )

Narnia, Susan, social construction of reality )

The Secret Circle (Bookverse), Cassie/Nick, choice over destiny )

Narnia, any, a duel )

Narnia/Silmarillion, Susan/Maglor, unexpected solace )

Narnia/any/taste of eternity (not cordial) )

Silmarillion, any of the Sons of Feanor, for the love of a father )

Narnia, Pevensies, temporal detente/where clocks are barely breathing/yet no one cares to notice )

Narnia, Susan, well this is easier now, I've found all the pieces that I lost in the flood/and it wasn't that much )

Narnia, Edmund, most of the misery's gone/gone down to the bone )

any, any, IN SPACE! AU )

Narnia, Any, vampire!AU )


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