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Hello, Yuletide Writer!

First off, thanks so much for writing a story in one of these fandoms. I love them all, and will just be so glad to have any story for any of the requests.

Some of this letter has been duplicated from previous years, so if you've been here before, that is why things seem familiar. :)

In general, some things I love: great dialogue/witty banter, humor, stories that are bittersweet but still have happy, or at least hopeful endings. I love when stories make me laugh AND cry. I love canon explorations and world-building - what was going on here during this moment, and what was happening elsewhere - and backstory on people and things we only know a little about.

I love character studies, and relationship (not just romance - friendship, family, etc) stories - I always want to know more about these characters I love, why they did this or that, how they react in new situations, that kind of things. Caveat: I don't really love vignettes or navel-gazing pieces, where one character mulls for the entire story on his/her life decisions. I want interaction with other characters and dialogue.

I am very happy with genfic, but I'm fine with romance (slash and het) and porn too. I am also good with characters having babies - especially in futurefic, or where it's canon.

I love crossovers, if they fit with the fandom, time-framewise, tone-wise - I've got some suggestions below. But no pressure if crossovers aren't your thing!

If character pieces aren't your thing, I am extremely happy with adventures of all sorts, or plotty gen stories. Like I said, I love all these characters and want to see them in action. :D

Things I would not like in a fic: extremely grimdark stories. Unhappy endings. I like some hurt/comfort, but not character torture. I would not like genderswap/always-a-different-gender in any of these fandoms. Please no rape/non-con/dubcon, mpreg, misogyny, extreme graphic violence, or character-bashing.

As I said above, I'm good with romance, from fluffy moments, to NC-17 scenes (although I don't want a PWP only; I prefer plot with my porn).

The Montmaray Journals - Michelle Cooper
Sophie FitzOsborne, Toby FitzOsborne, Julia Stanley-Ross, Simon Chester

Oh my gosh, I would love anything here. I love all the characters, even ones not nominated, so feel free to include Rupert, or Veronica, or Henry, or Aunt Charlotte. More adventures of Sophie during the War! Sophie spying! Futurefic with them all on Montmaray! I'd love an exploration of how Toby/Julia/Simon work as a triad. Or what Simon did during the third book, after he and Sophie parted ways.

Yeah, pretty much what I said already. :D

I would take any story in this fandom. Please feel free to use the other characters in the story too – they weren't all nominated, but I love them all. Some suggestions: tell me about Simon, after he left Sophie and disappeared – what was he doing all that time? Tell me how Toby and Simon got back together, and how they made things work with Julia (I am total hardcore OT3 about them :D). How about Sophie and Rupert and Veronica and Daniel and Toby and Simon and Julia rebuilding Montmaray? Futurefic with them and their families on Montmaray! Or pre-book adventures, with them growing up on Montmaray! I’d love romance here, for any of the characters, although I admit, I am pretty OTP with Sophie/Rupert as endgame.

I would also love crossovers in this fandom, if you feel comfortable with that! Maybe one with Code Name Verity? I could totally see Sophie and Veronica crossing paths with Julie and Maddie at some point. Or Peggy Carter from the MCU! Or even with Narnia – Susan could meet with Sophie, or Peter could be in the RAF with Toby! But no worries if you don't know those fandoms, or crossovers aren't your thing – like I said, I would love any Montmaray stories you can tell me.

Austin & Murry-O'Keefe Families - Madeleine L'Engle
Vicky Austin, Adam Eddington, Meg Murry | Meg O'Keefe, Calvin O'Keefe

I love all of L'Engle's books, so feel free to use other characters from them, or cross them over. I'd like to see some future fic with Vicky Austin -- what happens to her after Troubling A Star? Does she go on to college, and become a writer? What is her relationship with Adam like as she gets older? I'd also love a fic centered on Meg and Calvin -- maybe between A Wind in the Door and A Swiftly Tilting Planet? How they got married -- I'd think their wedding, just like their entire relationship, would have an unusual twist. Or I'd love them to have an adventure when they're older, married with children, and they're called to help fight the Ecthroi again, or help Charles Wallace out of a jam.

OR! I would love to read about Meg and Vicky meeting, somehow!

I'd love further exploration of some of the books. A Swiftly Tilting Planet is one of my favorites -- maybe Calvin was having a part in the adventures of that story, even though he wasn't present in the book. Or maybe more about Calvin and Meg discovering his family's history as they prepare for the birth of their first child. Or maybe they journey to Vespugia, and have an adventure there. Or what was Meg doing during Dragons in the Waters while Calvin took Charles and Poly to Venezuela?

I'd also love some futurefic about Vicky, like I said, going to college maybe? Starting her career as a writer? I see Vicky in New York, maybe going to college there, and reconnecting with her friends from the Young Unicorns. Or maybe an entirely new adventure with Adam! And speaking of Adam, he knows the O'Keefes -- maybe he's a good way to get Meg and Vicky to meet?

His Dark Materials - Philip Pullman
Lyra Belacqua, Will Parry, Serafina Pekkala

I'd love a story where Lyra and Will meet again. Maybe somehow there's an opening between the worlds, and they're they only ones who can close it? Or maybe there's an AU where they didn't have to part, where they spend time traveling from world to world together? Or if a reunion isn't your thing, perhaps a future fic, where they grow up and have their own lives, but never forget each other?

I'd also love a story about Serafina Pekkala. She's such an interesting character, and the witches' lives are so different -- I'd love some worldbuilding, or history of the witches culture.

I'd pretty much love anything in this fandom. All three characters together, or maybe just one or two. These books were so heartbreaking, on so many levels, so I'd love to see some of that in a story. Maybe a fic about Lyra as she gets older -- does she become an expert with the alethiometer?

I hope that helped! And honestly, no pressure to fulfill any of the specific details! Anything you want to write in any of these fandoms will be great! I'm just happy to be getting a story from you.

Thanks again and have fun!

Big love,

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