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Dear Prime Time Player

Okay, ASAP didn't end up being that soon, but here is my letter at last!

Hi! First off, thank you so much for writing for me! What follows is going to be a general idea of my likes and dislikes, and some more specific details and ideas, just in case you're interested in that. If you're not, no big deal! We matched on a fandom we both love, so I'll be glad to see what you come up with. Seriously, I am good with optional details are optional, so these are just some ideas -- use what you'd like, ignore what doesn't work for you. :)

General stuff:

  • POV: I like first person POV and third person POV. I know some people worry about writing in first person, but I'm fine with it!
  • AUs: I love them! So if that's something you have in mind, feel free to go there! The only exceptions to this are A/B/O ‘verse, and high school AUs.
  • Crossovers/fusions: I like these as well, but only for fandoms I know. So if this is something you're thinking, please have the mods check with me about the fandoms (for example, I would be sad with a Sherlock or Homestuck crossover since I don't know those canons).

Do Not Wants:

  • non con/dubcon/rape, gore/graphic violence
  • extremly grimdark stories with unhappy endings - they don't have to be perfect, but I like them hopeful.
  • power imbalance in romantic relationships (for example, Sansa/Petyr in Got/ASOIAF)
  • character bashing, or character torture
  • hardcore kink, mpreg, misogyny
  • genderswap/always-a-different-gender in these fandoms


  • In general, some things I love: great dialogue/witty banter, humor, hurt/comfort, stories that are bittersweet but still have happy, or at least hopeful, endings. I love when stories make me laugh AND cry. I love canon explorations and world-building - what was going on here during this moment, and what was happening elsewhere, and backstory on people and things we only know a little about.
  • atmosphere/setting/details! I love when I feel like I'm in the world of the fic, so anything like this is wonderful.
  • character studies and relationship (not just romance - friendship, family, etc) stories - I always want to know more about these characters I love, why they did this or that, how they react in new situations, that kind of things. Caveat: I don't really love vignettes or navel-gazing pieces, where one character mulls for the entire story on his/her life decisions. I want interaction with other characters and dialogue.
  • If character pieces aren't your thing, I am extremely happy with adventures of all sorts, or plotty gen stories, or mysteries. Like I said, I love all these characters, and want to see them in action. :D
  • I am very happy with genfic, but I'm fine with romance (het and slash, see specific canons for pairing requests) and porn too. I am also good with characters having babies - especially in futurefic, or where it's canon.
  • In terms of romance, I love getting together/first time fics, a lot!
  • friends-to-lovers/slow burn relationships -- I love the development and changes in the relationship!
  • If you're up for smut, so am I! I'd like some plot with the porn, if you can do that! Some things/kinks I like: kissing, vanilla sex, oral sex (especially cunnilingus), non-penetrative sex/frottage, especially intercrural, pegging, and biting/marking. DNWs: watersports, scat, torture, public humiliation, and BDSM.

Specific Fandoms:

The Chronicles of Narnia:

Characters: Susan Pevensie, Peter Pevensie, Lucy Pevensie, Caspian
I would love to see a story about an adventure Susan has in Narnia, whether during the Golden Age, or if you think she has adventures that C.S. Lewis didn't know about, tell me about those! Same with Lucy - either a solo adventure, or an adventure together with Susan. I especially love Lucy stories set during the Voyage of the Dawn Treader - I couldn't request all the characters, but feel free to use Edmund, Eustace, Reepicheep, as well as Caspian! Speaking of Caspian, I'd love any story about an adventure of his! Perhaps his first days as king, or when he was fighting the giants? And if you're in the mood for romance, I ship Caspian/Peter, and Peter/Susan, if either of those float your boat (so to speak). And any stories with a focus on Peter - for example, what was it like being High King, what were some of his greatest achievements and greatest failures in Narnia, how did he readjust to life in England - would be welcome!

Like I said, I love all the Narnia characters, so if you want to use others in addition to the one we matched on, please feel free. I'd love anything here: action, adventure, character interaction, romance. My main ships are mentioned above -- if you don't ship these, please don't feel like you have to write them, but I'd rather not see the characters paired with others as a primary focus in the story. I love journey stories in this fandom, whether quests or just exploration.

Game of Thrones:

Characters: Jon Snow, Sansa Stark, Arya Stark, Robb Stark
Jon, Sansa, and Arya are my three favorite characters on the show! I would love a story with any of them in starring roles. Also I would love a fix-it fic with Robb surviving the Red Wedding, if you feel like that. And you can use all the characters, or just one, or mix and match! Maybe a story about them growing up at Winterfell? Feel free to use other GoT characters; my only requests are no Sansa/Petyr Baelish, or Sansa/Sandor Clegane, as those are NOTPs for me. I know this is a dark canon, but I really don't want to see any rape or abusive relationships with Sansa or Arya here. In terms of shipping, I'm good with a Jon/Sansa pairing, but that's about it!

Since this is the show, show details only are fine (don't feel like you have to include anything from bookverse). Like I said, I'd love an AU where Robb survives the Red Wedding -- how does that change the course of the story? Feel free to use other characters if we've only matched on one, for example: a story about Jon Snow at the Wall could feature the Night's Watch characters or the Wildlings, or a story about Arya in Braavos could have all sorts of different characters. I'm cool with future-fic here as well -- how do you see the show moving on?

A Song of Ice and Fire

So this is my current fandom obsession, as you can probably tell. :D So much that I requested it twice!

Characters: Jon Snow, Val, Alys Karstark, Sansa Stark
Here's the shippy stuff. I ship all these ladies with Jon Snow, so feel free to write any permutation of that you'd like! Maybe some Jon/Val at the Wall? Or Jon/Alys before her wedding? Or Jon/Sansa, post series, if you'd like to explore what happens then. Also, I am a firm believer in R + L = J, so feel free to write about Jon dealing with that, if you are into that. And I would love any kind of story about Sansa, either during canon or post-ADWD. How do you see her developing? Again, no Sansa/Petyr or Sansa/Sandor. And a story about Val on her own would be great too! Maybe her life growing up among the free folk? And tell me more about Alys Karstark too!

Pretty much everything I already said, but about Alys Karstark: I'd love her story from her POV, what was going on with her, how did she decide to seek help at the Wall, etc. AUs are totally welcome here as well!

Characters: Robb Stark, Myrcella Baratheon, Rhaenys Targaryen, Aegon Targaryen
Okay, a SECOND request for ASOIAF, but it's just because there's so many characters I love. So... Robb/Myrcella is a crack ship of mine. They interact for about two minutes in canon, but I'd love a story of them together - what if Myrcella is betrothed to Robb, instead of Sansa to Joffrey, and they fall in love? How would that change the course of the story? If you've just matched on Myrcella, I'd love to know more about her in Dorne and her POV on what she goes through there. And for Rhaenys Targaryen and Aegon Targaryen, I was thinking about the Mad King's children who were murdered during the sack of King's Landing -- I'd love an AU where they both survive, whether in hiding, or with Daenerys and Viserys. HOWEVER if you were thinking of Aegon the Conqueror and his sister-wife Rhaenys, give me them too! I love those kinds of stories as well!

A little more about Robb: we never got his POV in the books, so I'd love some of that. If you don't ship Robb/Myrcella, I like Robb/Jeyne, and Robb/Dacey too. And feel free to use other characters as well, whatever you go with, since I love seeing how characters interact. For example, in a Robb story, you could use Cat, or the Karstarks; in a Myrcella story, the Martells in Dorne.

Thank you again for writing for me (and for being patient with the letter)! I'm looking forward to the story and I'm sure I'll love it!