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A lesson in Narnian art

Earlier on Twitter:

@bedlamsbard: Some stuff always triggers my Narnia random academia stuff hindbrain. Now thinking of famous Narnian paintings.

@snacky: I misread that as "famous Narnian pairings" started thinking of stories of famous Narnian lovers in epic poetry, plays & song.

@bedlamsbard: Heh! Gosh, I can't even begin to think of famous Narnian pairings. Edmund and his mistresses. Caspian and the Star's Daughter.

@snacky: One of the Narnian's bards' favorites: The Tale of the High King and Seven Would-be Wives. :D

@bedlamsbard: And the romance that no one ever talks about: Caspian the Conqueror and his Narnian wife.

@bedlamsbard: A famous Narnian painting about a pairing! King Edmund sitting in the throne room, listening to a suit but looking at his mistress.

@snacky: Or Caspian and the Star's Daughter on their wedding night, with the stars shining down on them.

"High King Peter and the Ruins of Cair Paravel."

"Queen Susan and the Flight From Tashbaan" - Edmund's rather put out they left him out of the painting.

"King Edmund and Queen Lucy Board the Dawn Treader," which is a rather quiet one, without as much drama.

"The High King's Triumph Over the Giants"

"Queen Lucy at the Fauns' Revel"

"Caspian at the Fountain" - Caspian standing alone, head bowed, at the place where his wife died and his kid vanished.

"Reepicheep Storms the Castle" which is equal parts humorous and serious.

"The Pretender Defeated" - Miraz stabbed in the back.

"The Prince in Darkness" - a depiction of Rilian living in the Underworld as the Lady of the Green Kirtle's captive.

"The Disappearance of the Four" - the High King & his siblings riding off to hunt the Stag.

"The Beginning of Winter" - the White Witch, in the middle of summer, with ice and snow spreading out from beneath her skirts.

And the painting it's so often paired with, "The End of Winter" with King Edmund breaking her wand, and Jadis seeming to melt.

"The Stone Table Broken", which is almost a landscape, with very small figures of Susan and Lucy in one corner.

"Prince Caspian Meets The Narnians" which shows the young prince meeting Trufflehunter and the Two Dwarfs - conscious.

"The Stone Garden" - Edmund walking through the White Witch's courtyard of statues.

"The Return" - Trumpkin sees the Pevensies for the first time.

"The First Flight" - Digory and Polly and Fledge flying off over newly-born Narnia.

"Aslan's Song" - Aslan walking through darkness, with Narnia springing up in his footsteps. (Pawsteps?)

"The Journey North" - a triptych of Puddleglum, Jill and Eustace as they traveled through Ettinsmoor.

"The Feast On Ramandu's Island" - a depiction Caspian, Edmund, Lucy and Eustace coming upon Alsan's Table.

And one more from [personal profile] lady_songsmith: "At the Wall of Forever" - The Dawn Treader at the wall of water, with Reep in the background & Caspian turning back

Some of these are rendered in stained glass in the halls of Cair Paravel. The young Prince Tirian likes to gaze upon them and reflect on his history lessons:

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