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You guys, I am making great progress on my Yuletide story! Not so much on my Big Bang story. But I am not here to talk about my failure. Instead, I will talk about the Three Sentence Ficathon:

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It's so much fun! You all totally need to go over there and leave some prompts and fill some too! Then link it everywhere so more people can come and play!

I've had a bunch of prompts filled:

Narnia, Caspian, follow the story to the end

Narnia, Pevensies and Tirian, "i don't think this is where we're supposed to be"

Northern Exposure, Joel/Maggie, goodbye doesn't mean forever

Narnia, Peter/Caspian, both can be king

Narnia, Susan/Peter, a day like no other

Madeleine L'Engle's Chronos/Kairos books, Charles Wallace, no one knows but me

Thor, Darcy Lewis/Clint Barton, shooting things is fun

And I've filled some myself:

When Galactica jumps, almost everyone on board stops and holds on to whatever's close, praying to the gods she won't fall apart this time.

But Tigh stands with his hands clasped behind his back each time, and he and Bill share a small smile at the end of every successful jump.

She's never let them down before, and Tigh doesn't let himself think a time when she will.

As the hellfire blazes around them, Sin takes Alan's hand and grins at him. "Nothing to it, we just have to get past the 30 demons and get to Nick and Mae and then we can take it easy."

Alan's grin matches hers and he squeezes her hand, saying, "I'll take you for ice cream when it's over."

"It was just supposed to be a simple card trick," Billy sighed.

"And yet, somehow we're on a SHIELD helicarrier," Teddy pointed out patiently.

"Do you suppose that means SHIELD's responsible for Serrure now?"

It didn't hurt, really - Steve's a super soldier, after all - but no one likes to be shocked, and he continues to glare at Darcy. "A hobby?"

"A more useful one than stamp collecting, especially in my line of work," she says with a grin, and he has admit she's got a point.

"Did the entire meal just vibrate into another dimension, again?"

"I think it's raining on the meatloaf."

"The turtle is eating ALL the ice cream!"

After the funerals, after all the business of death is over and done with, Susan packs her belongings and moves to a small cottage by the sea, where she can watch the waves roll in and remember her life as a Queen in a shining castle by the sea.

One morning she walks along the shore and hears singing, in a language she doesn't know, but the loss and the grief she hears in the song is achingly familiar.

She rounds the dunes and spots the singer, and when the man meets her gaze, he falls silent, and Susan realizes she's not the only one who has lost an entire world.

"But you're the only one who can help us!"

Jenny Sparks looks into the pleading face of the young girl - her new self? maybe, but Jenny Quantum's the spirit of a different century, and to Jenny she feels more like a younger sister than a different her - and she thinks about saying no, her time is over, and it's not for her to save this century, but...she did make Jack and the others a promise.

"Come on, then," she says, taking Quantum's hand, "I've got some heads to kick in."

Link doesn't have regrets, and he doesn't believe in second chances.

Sure, he's made mistakes in his life, lots of them, (and what happened with James is at the top of the list and if there was ever anything he regrets, it's that) but dwelling on them doesn't make sense, he thinks. You have to figure out a way to move forward, to move past the mistakes, to make better choices, make everything add up correctly. You don't get second chances, Link has learned, so all you can do is try to take new chances as they come along.

Link doesn't believe in second chances, so when James walks into the coffee shop in Cambridge, where Link's nursing a latte and working on his thesis, Link doesn't think of it as a way to fix a past mistake. No, as he meets James' eyes and calls his name, Link knows that this time, whatever happens, it's all going to be something new.

Okay, I know, that was totally more than three sentences. :D

The first time the Queens visit the Dwarfs at Foundry Hills, they are gifted with baskets overflowing with assorted gems and fine jewelry, and they are both at first honored and then they become fascinated.

Lucy immediately goes into the ground with the miners, and begins to learn everything there is to know about finding veins of gold and silver. Susan spends time with the craftspeople, learning how to cut and craft the gems, how to tell a simple cut from a masterwork, and the knowledge they gain adds immeasurably to Narnia's greatest treasures.

In Narnia, every language she hears, she learns with ease. Back in England, she gains fluency in 7 more, and she can hold conversations with everyone from heads of state to the children playing in the streets. But despite all the languages in her head, Susan knows she will never have the right words to describe the losses she carries in her heart.

The first time Helo goes to the Memorial Hallway is after Starbuck dies, which, yes, that's a long time to avoid it, but he's been kind of busy and anyway, he's not the type to light candles and say prayers to gods who stopped listening ages ago. But he still can't believe Kara is actually gone, and looking at the picture Lee pinned up is really the only way he has to say goodbye. It's not until after he steps away from her picture and starts scanning the hundreds of other memorials that he sees it, back with the oldest pictures, with their faded colors and curled up edges: a photo of himself.

Susan never sets foot in a church again after the funerals of her family. No, in this world, she chooses to worship as she did in Narnia: dancing under the sun in open fields and shivering on snowy mountain tops, sailing through storms over rough seas and exploring the wonders of hidden caves deep in the earth. She sings of the glory of the world around her, and her prayers are the conversations she has with her siblings, every night before she sleeps and dreams of the day they will be reunited.

Okay, it's inspired by the same song, but different lyrics: And even though it all went wrong / I'll stand before the Lord of Song / With nothing on my tongue but Hallelujah

When he is six years old, Prince Tirian breaks his arm trying to fly. The King sighs and tries his best to comfort his wife. "What else can we expect when he has a Bluebird for a friend?"

"The thing you have to understand..." Edmund began, then paused to down his whiskey.

"Yes?" Peter asked with a grin as he refilled his brother's glass.

"The thing you have to understand is that - with a Naiad - everything is very damp."

The night they escape Calormen, Edmund finds her on the deck of the Splendour Hyaline, looking back as the lights of Tashbaan grown dim as the ship speeds away.

She doesn't look at him as he approaches, just shakes her head and says, "I'm afraid I've brought much trouble to Narnia, by being so foolish."

He puts an arm around her shoulders and pulls her close, knowing nothing he can say will change her mind.

The Narnians who found Kara tell stories about the sudden appearance of witches flying in the sky, while others recall the Kings and Queens' entry into Narnia from another world, and wonder if she is sent by Aslan for a purpose.

Peter doesn't believe either, but when she takes him flying - in a plane, he marvels, and there's a word he hasn't thought of in ages, although Kara's Viper is like nothing he remembers - and kisses him as they soar through the sky, he does wonder about magic.

It's not until he hears her murmuring "There must be some way out of here" over and over in her sleep, that he begins to think about her purpose for coming to Narnia.

Maglor has spent millennia thinking about the oath he made, and the things he did for the sake of that oath - some centuries he has done everything he can to forget, to scrub the memories from his mind, but there are also the years he spent half-mad, desperate to recall the shapes of his brothers' faces, the sound of their voices, and the feel of their arms over his shoulders. He has been alone in this world for so long, so removed, he's despaired of that ever changing.

But when he meets Susan Pevensie on the edge of the sea, when he learns of her lost family, her lost life, and her lost world, he finally has hope his solitary existence might come to an end.

Now I have to get back to Yuletide. No rest for the wicked! :D

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