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Yes, I have made more A Softer World/Narnia remixes. Me + Photoshop = TLF! :D

And even more back here! )
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More a softer world remixes. John says I am adorkable, but I am having fun with these! :D

A Softer Narnia... )
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Hello, people of the internet. You ask how I have been spending my time, well, I have been sending out resumes and... waiting to hear things. Mostly, I hear a resounding silence. Today, I got an rejection letter, and I actually was excited about it. Only because at least I knew there was a definitive answer, rather than just hoping to hear something for weeks. I know, I know, I am sad.

I also play around with Photoshop! (I know, I know, again, sad.)

You know the webcomic a softer world? Well, [personal profile] musesfool showed me remixes of that comic that people had done for the DCU, like so:

The deal is, you take the text from the comic, and add your own visuals to it.

So I said to myself, "Self, why don't you try that for your fandom?" And I did! Some results behind the cut (warning, lots of images): a softer Narnia... )


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