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mr five dollar foot long's sweet caboose ([personal profile] snacky) wrote2014-04-22 09:43 am
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I finally saw Captain America: The Winter Soldier over the weekend. So late, I know! I was not out of the theater before I was texting [personal profile] musesfool about my STEVE AND BUCKY FEEEEEEEELS.

It was a really great movie - a combo of superhero movie and seventies spy thriller. Everything I wanted and more! My favorite (and the best) of all the MCU movies so far! I loved everyone and everything in it, and I am not sorry that Sitwell turned out to be Hydra. Better him than Maria Hill, I say. The only thing that would have made me happier was if it turned out to be Coulson, but that's because seeing the internet explode would have made me gleeful. Evidently I am a troll where Coulson is concerned. :D

Basically I am totally kind of totally obsessed with it right now. I'll talk more after I've read ALL the fic. :D

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